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Magnis MSV Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems

Modern hospitals and laboratory environments are facing more demand than ever before while also tasked with reducing operating costs. The BeaconMedaes Magnis MSV Rotary Medical Screw Vacuum System is the ideal solution for this challenge. The system offers large, energy efficient vacuum service for medical and laboratory applications.

Large vacuum applications

  • Graphic controllers on each vacuum pump and a master unit efficiently controls multiple pumps as a single system
  • Centralized approach ideal for laboratories and large medical applications
  • With capability of producing up to 29inHg, ideal for laboratory applications requiring deep vacuum
  • Smart control of the system maximizes energy savings and reduces operating costs

Reliable, efficient screw technology

  • Premium, best-in-class components offer increased reliability and peace of mind for both medical and laboratory applications
  • Oil separator designed for highly efficient oil coalescing with ultra-low back pressure means less energy consumption and a longer oil separator life
  • Inlet control valve provides modulating vacuum control in conjunction with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) drive technology to minimize energy consumption

Variable Speed Drive

The MSV Medical Vacuum System features Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology with each pump, matching vacuum motor speed to vacuum demand.

  • Vacuum level consistency
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Longer machine life
  • Reduced noise and heat

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